Removing Google Maps and other services from the Cookie Blocker

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WordPress offers filter hooks to allow plugins to modify various types of internal data at runtime.

A plugin can modify data by binding a callback to a filter hook. When the filter is later applied, each bound callback is run in order of priority, and given the opportunity to modify a value by returning a new value.

The following example shows how a callback function is bound to a filter hook.

Note that $example is passed to the callback, (maybe) modified, then returned:

If you want to know more, before adding your first add_filter(), see the below source. If it’s now your first time, see our collection of filters below.


For example: Google Maps iFrame

Did you implement Google Maps with an iFrame? You can “unset” the iFrame from the Cookie Blocker with the following steps:

1. Find the Source URL:

This is a regular iFrame source from Google. The blue URL is an example of the URL you should copy.

iframe src=”!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d19110.61969858318!” width=”600″ height=”450″ frameborder=”0″ style=”border:0″ allowfullscreen /iframe

2. Paste your source URL in the filter below

3. Add the above filter to your themes functions.php

  1. Find your themes functions.php in your website folder. It should look like wp-content/themes/(your-active-theme)/functions.php
    * when using a child theme, please choose the functions.php from your child’s theme.
  2. Back-up your functions.php before adding the filter
  3. Add your filter using WordPad, Notepad or your favorite text editor.
  4. Save and overwrite your current functions.php. Keep your back-up ready if something happens.

4. It should now be removed from our Cookie Blocker list.

Are you using an API, or do you want to unblock other services? Have a look at all our other filters.

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