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A use case

This shortcode can be used in all types of situations where you might need full consent before content can be shown. Below one of these examples and use case:

We have seen with ReCaptcha some difficulties with building a form, while complying to GDPR.

As ReCaptcha is blocked for most purposes and a honeypot is not available or too advanced for some forms, ReCaptcha is still the preferred spam blocker for most.

When you still want to use ReCaptcha, we suggest using ReCaptcha V3 as it is neatly integrated with Complianz. V2 is also supported but is not discussed here specifically.

To have your form compliant and working with ReCaptcha we suggest the following:

1. Your submit button is conditionally based on the shortcode being clicked.
2. After the Cookies are accepted, ReCaptcha will be loaded and will prevent spam.
3. The submit button is shown to the users.
4. Your form can be completed and send!

The shortcode

Or make your own 🙂

Example ReCaptcha Form

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