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You might have seen a similar notification as shown below:

We have enabled the MonsterInsights integration. For more information on this subject, please read this article.

But what does it mean?

There are three ways Complianz handles consent for plugins;

  1. It works without integration, the scripts and files are recognized and handled by Complianz. This is mostly the case when plugins add already known scripts, for example Facebook Pixels and Instagram Feeds.
  2. Specific integrations, as shown above. Whereby the exact settings in a plugin are not visible in the output, so we need a specific integration. An example is MonsterInsights for Analytics, or AMP. Many more are available, and we’re always looking for feature requests!
  3. The WP Consent API. Some are set with PHP, or scripts are bundled by a plugin so we can’t differentiate in the specific scripts that set cookies, or should be blocked prior to consent. An example is Contact Form 7.

If an integration is enabled, it means specific code is used to handle consent. Here’s a quick example:

Elementor & YouTube

Elementor used to work without integration (1), but since their latest updates they changed how they load YouTube videos. This change meant Complianz didn’t recognize YouTube during parsing and wouldn’t block videos anymore, and couldn’t load the videos when consent was met. To fix this we integrated (2) with Elementor to recognize and reload videos when needed.

This however resulted in duplicating hamburger menus and reloading lottie animations. The integration needed a fix, and a new update. At this moment, some Elementor/Complianz users need the newest fix, some need the prior fix. and some users will not need an integration based on their Elementor version. To circumvent all this we have proposed the Consent API (3). When developing plugins with the Consent API in mind, integrations are no longer necessary. For Elementor, the Github issue is explained here.

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