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Elementor: Removing white space on mobile view

In some instances, when using Elementor (Pro),. There might be white space on mobile view for certain pages or templates when the cookie banner is enabled. This is due to the fact how Complianz calculated the width of the page. When the page has an element that is stretched with javascript or not responsive a white space might occur. There are three main things you can do in Elementor to fix this.
  1. The most time-consuming, but recommended

    We would recommend duplicating the relevant page and delete sections until the white space disappears. When you find the section, try to disable “Stretch Section” under Layout. And make sure you don’t have a fixed width on this section or underlying inner sections and elements. Try mobile responsive view in your editor to check if everything is fine.
  2. A quick hack, if not already enabled

    Under the section that causes the issue, as explained above you can set Overflow to Hidden, under Layout. If that doesn’t work, proceed to the below fix.
  3. Fix: CSS on Page Level

    If all else fails you can add CSS to the page that is causing issues. On the specific page go to settings (In the left-hand bottom corner) and add CSS under the Advanced tab.
Example of White Space on Elementor

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