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Editing Terms & Conditions

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After you have finished the Terms & Conditions wizard for the first time, you will have a page with a shortcode. This shortcode dynamically generates your document in the language you have selected in your WordPress general settings. To translate or adjust the language, please read this article.

There are several ways you can edit this generated output.

Run the wizard again

The easiest method is to walk through the wizard again. This should cover most requirements. Go either complianz -> Terms & Conditions, or, if you don’t have Complianz installed, Tools -> Terms & Conditions, and make the required changes.

Unsync and edit

If the required change in the document can’t be done with the wizard, you can also unlink the document from the shortcode. This effectively copies over the outputted HTML to your post as pure text/html. To do this, go to your Terms & Conditions page, and on the right, change the document status from “synchronize” to “edit document”. Then save the result.

You now have a text document you edit to your liking. Please note that updates to the texts in the plugin will not have any effect on your document anymore! You’ll need to keep it up to date yourself.

Add a mu-plugin

Alternatively, you can also edit the output with a mu-plugin. To install and use a mu-plugin,  please follow this article about mu-plugins.

You can use this filter. The $html variable will contain an html string of the Terms & Conditions document.

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The Privacy Suite for WordPress
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