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Editing ‘Impressum’ on the cookie banner.

Impressum is now called an Imprint to be applicable worldwide

If your website is intended to attract visitors from the EU and Germany/Austria, Complianz offers the possibility to show an Impressum link on your cookie banner. In Premium you’re able to generate an Impressum as well. Below, we’ll provide answers to the two most frequently asked questions.

Changing the URL in the Wizard

This is the easiest one; you can change the URL of your Impressum to any URL you like by choosing “Custom URL” or choose in the dropdown for a specific page in the Wizard, under General – Documents. For anyone not wanting to show the Impressum, but rather opt for the privacy policy, you can change the URL to your privacy policy and change the text as explained below.

Changing the text on the cookie banner

From 6.0 onward the below jQuery only works when migrate.js is enabled under Advanced Features. By default, the page title of your Impressum is shown and therefore can be easily changed.

Unlike other links on the cookie banner, you can not change the Impressum link text. This is done because there is no correct translation or similar legal requirement outside of Germany and Austria. The Impressum is specifically intended for the German-speaking market.

If you still want to change Impressum to e.g. Privacy Statement, you can add the following jQuery:

NB. Please wrap the above script in script tags if needed. The preferred location is the footer for this particular jQuery.

Whereby is the specific class, and .text the new wording of your document. To change the read more link, please use, without .impressum. To easily implement code snippets we suggest using a plugin like

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Complianz has received its Google CMP Certification to conform to requirements for publishers using Google advertising products.