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Duplicate Implementation of Analytics

What does it mean?

After going through the wizard, some users get the Dashboard warning “You have a duplicate implementation of your statistics tool on your site” For this warning, Complianz checked your source code for analytics.js and other similar implementations of Google Analytics, to see if your pages are tracked more than once. The reason why we added this functionality is because Complianz has a Google Analytics implementation, as well. If you installed Complianz after a current implementation, a double implementation might appear.

Can I double-check?

There are 3 quick ways you can check if you have a double implementation. And some edge cases to consider.

  1. Go to your page source (right-mouse click on a page and click ‘view page source’) Use CMD/CTRL+F to search for your UA code or analytics.js. Please make sure the UA code is the same if there’s a double implementation. Some sites have different UA codes for various purposes, some iFrames add there own UA code as well. You can add this iFrame to a script center to block before consent if you don’t recognize the UA code.
  2. Install Tag Assistant by Google for your browser. Enable the extension by clicking the tag icon in your browser and reload your page. It will tell you which tracking scripts from Google are implemented. Please make sure you have accepted consent before reloading. 
  3. The easiest way is to see if there are any other plugins or implementations of Google Analytics that are present on the back-end of your WordPress dashboard. Complianz is compatible with MonsterInsights and other popular plugins, but can’t control manual integrations.

If you have a double implementation that is not integrated with Complianz, please make a feature request. If there’s no need for integration you can remove all other implementations other than Complianz.

Integrate or Complianz?

We have seen many different implementations of Analytics, from using the plugin Header/Footer to manually add the code, to Monsterinsights, GADWP or via functions.php. For MonsterInsights, GADWP, Beehive we integrated consent based on Complianz cookie consent management, for others like Google Site Kit we’re working hard to add functionality. In all cases you can always use Complianz to add Tag Manager, Matomo or Google Analytics, in some cases you might want another option. Please let us know if we can help.

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Complianz has received its Google CMP Certification to conform to requirements for publishers using Google advertising products.