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What are statutory and regulatory disclosures?

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The statutory and regulatory disclosures (sometimes also called Imprint, Legal information, or Impressum)  give insight into the company or the organization behind a certain website. It usually contains at minimum information about the following aspects:

  • Name
  • Address of registered office
  • Principal place of business
  • VAT number
  • Supervisory authority
  • Chamber of commerce (or other registers)
  • Registration number
  • Professional body and legal title
  • If the company is subject to one or more specific (legal) rules
  • Alternative Dispute resolution
The Privacy Suite for WordPress
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Dr. Mathieu Paapst LLM cipm

Dr. Mathieu Paapst LLM cipm

Assistant Professor IT and Privacy Law at the University of Groningen (RUG), and Complianz Partner

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