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What is Cross-Context Behavorial Advertising?

Contextual advertising might be an ad shown specifically to a consumer for a product related to that consumer’s internet search. Several privacy laws in the US, such as the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA Section 1798.120-a), state that if an organisation “shares” personal information with a third party that is engaged in cross-context behavioral advertising, the organisation behind the website must provide the consumer with the ability to “opt-out” of the sharing.

Opt-out preferences

With the Opt-out preferences form Complianz offers the possibility for a manual opt-out, which gives the organisation a nice overview of opt-out requests for Cross-Context Behavioral Advertising. You can use the provided email address and name of the consumer to research if you have indeed shared information about the consumer with third parties for the purpose of cross-contextual behavioral advertising. If this is the case, you should stop sharing that information and also inform the third party about this opt-out.

With Complianz, a consumer can not only ask for a manual opt-out, but Complianz will also make sure that browser and device-based consent for marketing or tracking techniques used for cross-context behavioral advertising will automatically be revoked.

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Complianz has received its Google CMP Certification to conform to requirements for publishers using Google advertising products.