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What is the Right to Data Portability

If you’re responding to a data request, please read this article

You have the right to get your personal data from an organization in a way that is accessible and machine-readable, for example as a CSV file.

You also have the right to ask an organization to transfer your data to another organization. They must do this if the transfer is, as the regulation says, “technically feasible”.

To exercise your Right to Data Portability

This right is similar to your right of access but there are some differences. Specifically, the right only applies to data that:

  • is held electronically, and
  • you have provided to the organization.

Data you have provided does not just mean the information you have typed in, such as a username or email address. It may include data the organization has gathered from monitoring your activities when you have used a device or service. This may include:

  • website or search usage history
  • traffic and location data, or
  • ‘raw’ data processed by connected objects such as smart meters and wearable devices. An example of this could be data recorded on a fitness app.

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