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Customizing the TCF Banner – Do’s and Don’ts

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From 6.0 we added more default settings for the TCF banner. This will not change the below guidelines.

The TCF cookie banner has been validated and will be regularly checked by IAB Europe to see if it follows the proposed guidelines. All participants of the Transparency Consent Framework (TCF) are responsible for following the guidelines. This includes the Vendors in controlling and respecting consent, and for Consent Management Platforms (CMP) to create a platform that conforms to the guidelines, before either can become a registered participant. Not conforming to the guidelines, Vendors and CMP’s can lose their registrations and their users might lose revenue, or their account will be suspended.

To prevent this happening we restricted the customization of the TCF cookie banner.

How to conform to the guidelines

The default TCF banner by Complianz conforms to the guidelines and can be used as is. You can find the Do’s and Don’ts below;


If you have any questions before customization and not sure if you can. Please contact support.


If you have any questions before customization and not sure if you can. Please contact support.

How to customize your TCF cookie banner.

To customize your cookie banner you can use special CSS classes to add custom CSS.

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