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Customizing the Cookie Policy templates

Templating in the Cookie Policy

The Cookie Policy consists of some legal paragraphs, which are generated based on your input in the Wizard, and of the list of Cookies. You can use this list separately from the Cookie Policy by using the shortcode.

But you can also change the html structure of the cookies list to fully customize the output of the cookies description!

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Using FTP, look up the “templates” folder in “wp-content/plugins/complianz-gdpr”, or “wp-content/plugins/complianz-gdpr-premium” if you are a Premium user.
  2. Copy the files
  3. In your theme, create a folder with the same name as the Complianz plugin, and create a template folder within it. The path should look like: “complianz-gdpr(-premium)/templates/“. Copy the files from step 2 to this path.
  4. Adjust the files to your liking. You can change all html, and move the {placeholders}. You can even remove the placeholders if you want, just remember that this will also remove that data from your Cookie Policy.
    For example, you will see in cookiepolicy_cookies_row.php the following HTML:

    This is one row from the Cookie Policy, with a cookie name, retention period, and function of the cookie (e.g. storage of consent preferences).

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