Checking if Maxmind database is readable for GEO IP

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If you’re experiencing issues with GEO IP and/or get the following error:

You have enabled Geo IP, but the GEO IP database hasn’t been downloaded automatically. If you continue to see this message, download the file from MaxMind, unzip it, and put it in your WordPress uploads directory.

or in your browser console you might see:

other consenttype, no cookie warning

make sure you are accessing your website from a support region.

The most common problem will either be; the Maxmind GEO IP file has not been uploaded to your upload folder or the file is uploaded but not readable.

Please check the following;

1. Is the file uploaded to wp-content/uploads/complianz/maxmind/?. If not please follow this article.
2. If uploaded, check availability by visiting (if you have installed WordPress somewhere else than the root, please adjust the URL accordingly.)
3. If the URL automatically downloads the file. The file is uploaded and available.
4. If the file is not available, please check the writing permissions of your upload folder via FTP or file manager. Right-click on the folder and find the writing permissions. Adjust to 755 and try the above URL again.
5. If everything looks fine, disable GEO IP and see the banner works accordingly without errors in your browser console.
6. If no visible errors are present, please enable GEO IP and ask support for help.

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