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Browser Privacy Controls

In the wizard’s first step, under security and consent, you can choose to respect browser settings configured by your website visitors. These are DNT or Do Not Track, and Global Privacy Control the spiritual successor of DNT which will be deprecated in the near future.

What is DNT (Do Not Track)?

Do Not Track was an early adoption of an HTTP header field that notified websites if a user explicitly set Do Not Track in their browser settings. A website could choose to conform to the request by dismissing all tracking, and subsequently dismissing the consent management to “Functional Only”. Although adopted in its earlier stages by all popular browsers, it never gained in popularity before dismantling the service. The browser settings are still available for some browsers, and will likely be replaced by Global Privacy Control.

What is Global Privacy Control?

Global Privacy Control, the spiritual successor is a US-based initiative from internet companies that proposes the same functionality but is targeted to conform with the current privacy laws, CCPA & GDPR, to strengthen adoption worldwide. The fundamental difference between DNT and Global Privacy Control is the latter proposes adoption by legal necessity whereby DNT seemed without guidelines or clear adoption, making a fall in popularity

Enabling this feature in Complianz

Look for the below question in the wizard, under General -> Security & Consent. This feature is only available for premium users.

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