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WP Cerber is a popular security plugin for WordPress websites. The plugin sets a number of cookies in the visitor’s browser, which are used to detect and prevent various types of malicious behavior. Due to this purpose, these cookies are set as ‘functional cookie’.

As the names of the cookies that WP Cerber generates are different each time, Complianz automatically categorizes these cookies as Miscellaneous on your Cookie Policy document.

Adding a prefix to the WP Cerber cookies

WP Cerber offers a setting that we can use to add a prefix before the randomized part, which we can use to identify these cookies.

  • Navigate to WP Cerber > Dashboard > Main Settings > Site-specific Settings. In the field “Prefix for plugin cookies”, enter c_cerber_ as shown in the screenshot below.

  • Navigate to Cookie Scan (Complianz > Wizard > Cookies > Cookie scan) and click Scan. Make sure that these cookies (prefixed with c_cerber_) are being detected in the scan.

  • Navigate to Cookie descriptions (Complianz > Wizard > Cookies > Cookie descriptions) and click Sync. Upon completion, the cookies should be grouped as c_cerber_* and should be listed under the service Cerber Security & Anti-Spam.

  • Finish the Wizard.

The result

Your Cookie Policy should now display the grouped c_cerber_* cookies, assigned to the Cerber Security & Anti Spam service.

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