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AMP Integrated with Complianz

From 4.1 onwards, we have integrated with AMP for WordPress. The integration is with the following free AMP plugin

Another plugin called AMP for WP ( has GDPR consent management, built-in. (for AMP only)

AMP for WordPress

What you need to know

The integration is working for the following experience: Websites:

  • Classic / Reader
  • Transitional

Both options generate paired content pages on dedicated URL’s. These paired content pages are stripped from javascript and most third-parties, as well have a simplified template. For transitional, there are more options available but might need some further development.

This also means consent is separated from your ‘normal’ website, as AMP consent works in a vastly different way.

How to configure Complianz for AMP

Before you configure Complianz, please note:

  • The cookie notice is for AMP is different from your normal website
  • GEO IP is not applicable.
  • Individual placeholders are not available on AMP pages
  • Revoking consent can be done on the Cookie Policy page or with a shortcode in your footer
  • We have a demo!

The cookie notice for AMP

The cookie notice for AMP is not related to your standard cookie banner. The cookie banner settings are based on the possibilities in AMP as a whole, and further changes are made when AMP improves consent management.

The banner will, by default, have an accept and dismiss button and will block third-party cookies, including videos and Google Analytics, which should be added by the AMP plugin in JSON.

To style the banner you can use Custom CSS under Cookie Banner Settings. For example, in our demo:

Custom CSS

/* styles for entire banner */
#cmplz-consent-ui, #cmplz-post-consent-ui {font-family: ‘Roboto’, sans-serif; font-size: 14px; padding: 5px;}

/* styles for the message area */
#cmplz-consent-ui .cmplz-consent-message {margin-left: 1.5em;}

/* styles for the buttons */
#cmplz-consent-ui button, #cmplz-post-consent-ui button {margin-left: 1.5em; border: none; border-radius: 25px;}

Disabling integration

Excluding your AMP pages from the cookie banner is possible. You can disable the integration in Integrations > Plugins.

Revoking consent

Revoking consent is possible, but a bit different than on your standard website. First, withdrawing consent on an AMP page is only valid for AMP pages and vice versa. Second, the revoke is only available on the Cookie Policy. This will only work if your Cookie Policy is an AMP page as well. If the user switches from an AMP Page to a non-AMP page. The visitor will continue based on prior consent or will need to give consent on the non-AMP pages.

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