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Whitelisting inline script

Aert Hulsebos

Aert Hulsebos


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Complianz uses a regular expression to find 3rd party services in inline scripts. Below we will take an example of a Podcast Player that creates an inline script. The output also contains data related to social media hyperlinks or in this specific case. In most use cases we will find as a link, directly related to the service which is Instagram itself, or a plugin that provides a service like embedding Instagram posts.

But not in this case. Podcast outputs data collections but does not invoke any Instagram related services. And it does not set any other cookies related to 3rd parties, meaning it can be set before consent. But Complianz blocked the script before consent, even if it didn’t have to.

The reason why Complianz blocked the script is because the user had Instagram embedded and enabled in Complianz, but gave a false positive on the Podcast player. These cases are rare, but might happen. To overcome this you can add a filter to tell Complianz to skip an inline script. All you need is the ID of the inline script. In the case of the blocked Podcast Player script it looked like this:

What you will need:

<script class="cmplz-script" type="text/plain" id='pppublic-js-extra'>

class=”cmplz-script” type=”text/plain” = Blocked prior to consent

id=’pppublic-js-extra’ = Script ID of Podcast player

What you will need to achieve is:

<script class="cmplz-native" type="text/javascript" id='pppublic-js-extra'>

class=”cmplz-native” = Whitelisted
id=’pppublic-js-extra’ = Script ID of Podcast player

How to whitelist inline script

You can add a filter as an MU-Plugin, or add it to your functions.php. You can use the below filter, but need to add the script ID of the service inline script that needs to be whitelisted yourself. You can find the script ID (if available) in the page source of your website. If you need help, please ask.

// Whitelisting podcast player inline script
add_filter ( 'cmplz_script_class',
function( $class, $total_match, $found ) {
if ( $found && false !== strpos( $total_match, 'YOUR-SCRIPT-ID' ) ) {
$class = 'cmplz-native'; // add cmplz-script for Marketing and cmplz-stats for Statistics
return $class;
}, 10 , 3

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