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You’re able to block iFrames with Complianz with the built-in script center. (under Integrations). But preventing an iFrame from loading third-party cookies won’t strip the

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Does Complianz affect the loading speed of your website? What are the differences and solutions if needed?


We will be looking at a loading speed difference when Complianz is installed and active and when it is not. All other variables are equal. These are the variables and differences we take into account while performing this test:

  • Budgethosting – not optimized for WordPress installations (Shared Hosting 60,- per year – with SSL)
  • PHP version 5.6 and 7.*
  • Cache layer is disabled
  • Fresh installation of a fully working existing website, without added development.
    • A list of used plugins is provided in the results.
  • We will be using 4.9.8, the latest WordPress update, with 5.0 coming soon.
  • We will be using the latest update of Enfold
  • Our speedtests are done with, with an average over:
    • 3 – 4G – Cable – Fiber
    • Mobile and Desktop (Medium to High Tier)
    • Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE10 or Edge

PHP 5.6  – Complianz not installed vs Complianz installed

Not installed:


PHP 7.* – Complianz not installed vs Complianz installed

Not installed:


we are not suggesting our installions will decrease loading speeds of your website. It just shows within the variables, we can’t see a significant drop.

Optimization without paid plugins or added development

Current plugins and scripts:

Yoast SEO
Google Maps API Call – through Enfold
Enfold Theme

Within current situation we have added:

Cache Layer – Through WP Super Cache (Free)
Shortpixel for Image Compression (Free)
PHP 7.2 trough hosting party
Enfold default Minify of .JS and .CSS


Complianz is configured to be lightweight and robust for any WordPress installation, with reasonable current updates and technique.

On average Complianz adds 3 requests while loading your website with no signifant speed drops, taking all but 10ms each to load. Ofcourse this test is isolated in this current proposition of;  budget hosting, small website and a few plugins. Mostly to signify any differences when Complianz is installed.

When talking more complex and bigger websites, with an array of plugins and content, including video’s and portfolio’s, we suggest looking at ways to improve your set-up by starting with specialized configured WordPress hosting and a stable cache layer to serve content.

We will constantly update our plugin to remain fast and reliable and this post to reflect different installations in the future.

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