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Updating to Complianz 7.0 – Ready for the Future

Let’s dive right in. Complianz 7 is a rework of a considerable chunk of our entire codebase, creating a React back-end and optimized handling on the front end.

But why?

There are three main reasons we reworked our codebase, and will give you a glimpse into Complianz’s future:

WordPress and Gutenberg

Gutenberg is a React framework that offers site editing for WordPress. Gutenberg has been developing for a while and should add React to the WordPress back-end. To integrate seamlessly when the time has come, Complianz is built in React to eventually integrate and feel like a native WordPress app.

Doubling Down

It will become increasingly difficult for website owners to comply with privacy guidelines in the coming years.

Services like Google and Facebook are proposing less transparent, server-side solutions that will shift them more towards GDPR or equivalent than ePrivacy. This will make way for misunderstood compliance and technical implementations for website owners.

Cookieless doesn’t mean privacy-friendly by default, and server-side handling has a severe downside of transparency and control by the end-user and offers technical challenges for the website owner.

In a spectrum of services, with different approaches, guidelines, privacy laws, and additional frameworks like the TCF, an increase in ‘solving’ privacy for monetization leads to confusion for end-users.

Complianz is doubling down on the easiest solution to comply.

What's Next? Headless and Cloudless in 8.0

Finishing the rework allows us to look at upcoming technical challenges for native solutions.

Headless and/or Static solutions are increasingly popular due to performance and security. Complianz has yet to offer an out-of-the-box solution, as it requires building towards a more client-side approach. Like many cloud solutions, a client-side approach is also a disadvantage when dealing with compliance. Integrating with plugins, themes, and WordPress, which are written in server-side code, is hard to control directly in a browser.

Solution: Complianz ‘On-Premise’

Like ‘Matomo On-Premise,’ we will make Complianz available as an ‘On-Premise’ consent solution. You can install Complianz on your server’s dedicated subdomain and database, e.g., With our plugins or a javascript snippet, you can include Complianz on your website. This will work for Headless and Static set-ups but has the added bonus that Complianz will be available for all websites, even if you’re not using WordPress!

Join 900.000 users and install The Privacy Suite for WordPress locally, automated or fully customized, and access our awesome support if you need any help!

Complianz has received its Google CMP Certification to conform to requirements for publishers using Google advertising products.