Meet Complianz 6.0

This year’s major release candidate is currently being tested by our team and beta testers. This update will change our consent structure and banners to improve performance in all areas!

What to expect...

We opted to restructure our consent management to improve performance and scalability. It also gave us a chance to rethink our consent banners, so we started from scratch…learn more about these new banners below.

Dr. Mathieu Paapst

Dr. Mathieu Paapst

IT Law Professor & Co-Founder Complianz


Consent Structure

Because our management tool serves region-specific consent rules, it became exponentially more complex with every new region. To improve scalability we now use the same logic as the Consent API.

Consent API

Developed by Complianz, as a feature plugin for WordPress, the consent API should democratize and scale consent possibilities for all developers and users. Fully integrated in Complianz.

Cookie Banners

We started from scratch with new templates to serve our new consent structure and remove complexity. Usability, WCAG, and Web Vitals are all pillars during development.

When updating to 6.0 we strongly recommend reconfiguring the banner to your liking. To uphold new guidelines and legislation some banners could change significantly during this process.

Jarno Vos - Technical Support @ Complianz & Really Simple SSL

Cookie Banner


All elements are modular and fully customizable, Which creates a beautiful default or anything you desire. Examples below!


Improved loading speed, and all the good stuff, but also fully documented templates for you to make whatever you like.


A new design makes room for new features. We start with animations for your cookie banner.

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It's up to you!

The modular approach and customization possibilities make for endless possibilities. Add your own logo, add your theme colors, A/B test your texts. All is yours.

Region Specific

A simple notice for your US customers, and a granular approach in the European Union? No problem.

Fully Compliant

A universal approach to compliance cannot be compliant by definition. Be specific per privacy law with Complianz.

This was just a quick preview. If you can't wait, feel free to ask for the pre-release and let us know what you think

Aert Hulsebos - Development @ Really Simple Plugins

Really Simple Plugins

Roadmap & Feature requests

We added a new section on our website dedicated to our development efforts and how users can decide our newest features.

About us

Really Simple Plugins is a Dutch WordPress agency, solely focused on making really difficult subjects, really simple.

There's always more...

This was just a quick overview of our current and new features. For all features, please have a look at our knowledge base and feature page.