Meet Complianz 5.0

A new release celebrating 5 years and 5 million+ users for Really Simple Plugins. Complianz 5.0 will be a whole new experience and will start a new journey toward a future with new possibilities.

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Really Simple Plugins started with a solution for clients with a WordPress website that needed help migrating their website to SSL, Really Simple SSL! This was more than 5 years ago, and now with more than 5 million users and many more plugins, including Complianz, we are starting the next 5 years.

Rogier Lankhorst

Rogier Lankhorst

Tech Lead @ Really Simple Plugins

Your Progress


Getting compliant has not been easier. Follow your progress and complete tasks to achieve the best practices.

Control center

Your website will be checked regularly to see if the status has changed and action is needed.

Unlock more with Premium

Complianz offers a great deal for free, but if you're ready to embrace all features for privacy laws world-wide. Have a look at premium!

We are just getting started. Complianz 5.0 will be the beginning of a new wave of features, happy users, and more compliant websites.

Leon Wimmenhoeve - UX @ Really Simple Plugins

Cookie Banner


Full control over your banner. With a little imagination and our online CSS lessons everything is possible. All default templates are set for ADA Compliance and WCAG.

Transparency & Consent Framework

Already available, but the Transparency & Consent Framework from IAB Europe, supported by Google Products. The only TCF built natively for WordPress.


A new design makes room for new features. We start with animations for your cookie banner.

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Enhanced Features

A/B Testing

We have restructured and improved A/B testing for anyone that wants to optimize the performance of their cookie consent.

Script Center

The script center revamp will make adding and controlling your scripts a breeze. Now with dependencies, to fully control initialization after blocking scripts.

Records of Consent

Extended on the Proof of Consent, a much-requested feature is now out. Records of Consent will store your users' consent settings with relevant proof of consent., without collecting personal data.

This was just a quick preview. If you can't wait, feel free to ask for the pre-release and let us know what you think

Aert Hulsebos - Development @ Really Simple Plugins

Really Simple Plugins

Terms & Conditions

Although not related to privacy, based on many feature requests , we will release Complianz | Terms & Conditions to all users in Q1.

About us

Really Simple Plugins is a Netherlands based WordPress agency, solely focused on making really difficult subjects, really simple. At least, as simple as possible.

There's always more...

This was just a quick overview of our current and new features. For all features, please have a look at our knowledge base and feature page.