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Licenses for staging or development environments

A lot of website developers are using a staging or localhost environment to develop before publishing to the live website. We often get the question if purchasing an extra license for this development environment is required. In this article, I’ll explain how to use Complianz in your development environment, without requiring a double amount of Complianz licenses.

Complianz looks at the domain on which the plugin is activated. It will not count the installation as activated if it runs on a URL or IP address that contains one of these:

        $subdomains[] = 'staging.';
	$subdomains[] = '*.dev.';
	$subdomains[] = '*.test.';
	$subdomains[] = '*.stg.';
	$subdomains[] = 'stg.*';
	$subdomains[] = 'test.*';
	$subdomains[] = 'beta.*';
	$subdomains[] = 'acceptatie.*';

Do a pull request here, if you staging environment is not listed.

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