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How to show the cookie banner in extra regions

From 5.0 upwards you can now select your default region in a non-supported region, under Wizard – Visitors.

Cookie consent outside of Complianz supported regions

Complianz provides you with cookie consent management and legal documents for all supported regions. Currently, Complianz provides full coverage for United States, European Union, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. While we have recently added full support for Canada’s PIPEDA legislation, we have a strong ambition in providing full support for even more regions. Understandably, some users can’t wait for these extra regions, or simply want to show an opt-in or opt-out banner in extra regions. In this article we’ll show you how to implement this.

Please note: The following method only applies to Complianz Premium users, as GeoIP is required to determine your visitors’ location. For free, your chosen consent system (opt-in or opt-out, whichever applies to your region) will be applied to all users.

1. Make sure Complianz Premium runs 4.2.3 or later

We have added a filter to our GeoIP function from 4.2.3 on.

2. Create a mu-plugin

Alter the following script as desired and use it as mu-plugin. For more information about mu-plugins, read this article.

Add one specific region

In this example, you can change ‘AU’ for the region where you want to display a banner. You can change ‘us’ for any of the following:

us -> if you want to use opt-out 
-> if you want to use opt-in
-> if you want to use opt-in, also for statistics
ca -> if you want to follow Canada’s settings (depending on your set-up)
au -> if you want to follow Australian settings (depending on your set-up)

please note: The above-used region must be active if you want to use the consent settings in another region.

Show a banner in non-supported regions

If you want to show a cookie banner in all regions which are not fully covered by Complianz, you can use this filter:

You can change ‘us’ for the same country codes as mentioned above.

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Complianz has received its Google CMP Certification to conform to requirements for publishers using Google advertising products.