Support dropped for creating a Cookie Banner with Elementor Pro

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We have dropped support for creating the Cookie Banner with Elementor Pro in Premium as issues arose during an update from Elementor Pro (3.6.0 and onward). Because of these issues, some functions were deprecated without notice and affected many plugins that integrate with Elementor.

For clients running Complianz 6.0, Elementor Pro 3.6.0+ and PHP 8+ this would even return a fatal error when the template builder from Elementor was accessed.

Why not fix it?

The issue with integrations is the dependency on other plugins. There’s no way around this in an ecosystem like WordPress, and necessary. In this case, the Elementor Pro update caused unforeseen issues that could not be resolved without fully deactivating the Cookie Banner.

As these instances can occur and is not a fault from either author, preventing this in the future is better than maintaining an unstable feature that is dependent on Elementor Pro which is evolving rapidly.

Would a rollback work?

Yes, a rollback to previous major releases for each of the instigators would work, for example; you can use the Elementor Pro latest updated Cookie Banner with Complianz 6.0 if you use PHP 7.4.

It will also work with PHP 8, Complianz 6.0, and Elementor Pro 3.5.0, just not the latest version of both plugins and PHP 8+.

Creating one manually?

It is still possible to create one with Elementor Pro, without our integration. You can find the instructions here. You will be able to use the template that was already imported.

Best option?

We recommend installing the latest versions of all plugins and PHP and defaulting to the Complianz cookie banner. The cookie banner in 6.0 is fully flexible and can be designed however you prefer. If you need help or have any questions during this process. Please let us know.

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