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Translation error sprintf printf too few arguments

This error might appear in strings with dynamic fields. The dynamic fields are designated with a ‘%s’, in the below example. These fields are then filled by variables, called $type. Both the dynamic fields and variables should have the same count:

( sprintf( __( "The cookie scan detected %s on your site, which means the answer to this question should be %s.", 'complianz-gdpr' ), $type, $type ) );

In this line of code, you will find a text-domain ‘complianz-gdpr’, which means it can be translated by our open-source community. Sometimes, a translator might overlook or forget to copy/paste the %s in the new language string causing an error. For example:

// Error as first %s misses a '%'
( sprintf( __( "The cookie scan detected s on your site, which means the answer to this question should be %s.", 'complianz-gdpr' ), $type, $type ) );

The above line would cause a fatal error, as the two $type variables can’t populate the dynamic fields. To mitigate this issue we have wrapped our translatable strings with a function, whereby we check the variable/field count. If the count is not correct, we default to %s as plain text and throw a warning to double-check the strings, with the above examples.

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