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Last Updated: 4/26/2019


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A quick overview

For the last month we have been improving our plugin with the help of our users. See or Hall of Fame of the contributors who went far and beyond to test our 3.0 Beta release.

The biggest changes are the technical approach to blocking embedded video’s with placeholders and a new UI for the Cookie Banner settings. The latter will open possibilities for future updates in Cookie Banner templates for current and new privacy laws.

Future plans for Complianz

We have a lot of plans, but to keep it short and sweet:

  • Placeholders for Social Media and other iFrames
  • Redesign of the user interface to make room for all levels of users and new features.
  • Open Source Cookiedatabase with free API call for Complianz users. (
  • Canadian privacy law
  • New languages
  • Sharing A/B tests with fellow users so templates of high converting banners are for public use.
  • Missing any features? Let us know!

Hall of Fame

Thanks to our active users on the forum and on our website. A special thanks goes out to below users for there input, patience, insights and new features!

Arvid, Bonaldi, Lars, Berrie, Massimo, MrMad, Alex & Aniko

Changelog 3.0

  • Fix: removed Google Plus integration, as it’s discontinued
  • Fix: prevent saving from document URL’s on autosave and revisions
  • Fix: moved linkedin from script blocked list to async loaded list
  • Fix: default region is now one of the selected regions in the wizard.
  • Fix: when localstorage is empty, empty array could cause PHP error during cookie scan
  • Fix: excluded elementor_font post_type from scan
  • Fix: hyperlink in disclaimer (Dutch)
  • Fix: As elementor uses the classic shortcodes in Gutenberg, an exception should be made for Elementor when inserting default pages
  • Improvement: Hide nag notices from other plugins on Complianz pages.
  • Improvement: Added export feature
  • Improvement: Completely rewritten video blocking and placeholder code, which should reduce possible issues
  • Improvement: Added HappyForms integration to enable recaptcha initialization.
  • Improvement: Extended support for different types of IP detection on servers e.g. Cloudflare.
  • Improvement: Moved string translation support for polylang and WPML to core
  • Improvement: Added option to disable adding placeholder HTML to video’s
  • Improvement: Added plural for Social Media statement in Cookie Policy
  • Improvement: Added exception for Non Personalized Ads in advertisement section in Wizard and in Cookie Policy
  • Improvement: Added escaping to outputted javascript, all scripts moved to templates
  • Improvement: Moved cookie banner settings to separate table and object
  • Improvement: Limit ajax requests to a/b testing and multiple regions
  • Improvement: Placeholders for Gutenberg variations with Pagebuilders and various themes.
  • Improvement: Disabling placeholders if needed
  • Improvement: Full compatibility with Newspaper and Adsense
  • Improvement: Blocking IP Adresses for comment section. (option)
  • Improvement: Variable cookie scan for high traffic websites to minimize server capacity.
  • Improvement: New UI for cookie banner settings.

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