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We have just released Complianz Privacy Suite 2.1.6 (Premium). Working our way up to 2.2 with new features and updates!

Feature Requests

Please feel free to ask about, or suggest new features. Besides new languages and Privacy Laws, we are looking at improving our plugin everyday. If you have any suggestions, let us know at complianz.io/contact

Our Changelog for 2.1.6

  • Fix: responsive video adjustments
  • Fix: z index for blocked content text too high, causing it to float over the banner
  • Fix: typo in block.php cause Gutenberg to fail
  • Feature: WP Forms integration
  • Improvement: prevent activation for PHP <5.6 and WP < 4.6
  • Improvement: regex did not recognize google maps URL because of exclamation mark usage
  • Improvement: higher quality placeholder image
  • Improvement: when Tag Manager is selected, categories is enabled. To make this more explicit help text is added and the button disabled.
  • Improvement: when saving settings in the cookie warning settings, we now maintain the region selection state
  • Improvement: download video placeholders to own site to make sure Youtube and vimeo cannot track the users
  • Improvement: placeholder img aspect ratio is used to resize the placeholder container div
  • Fix: several css styling issues for the center theme with categories: color inheritance of label, display
  • Fix: css styling for border with edgeless theme
  • Fix: when user states no cookies are used, even if the scan detects them, no cookie banner will be shown, as per the user’s wishes.
  • Fix: FitVids compatibility for fluid video display
  • Fix: empty locales array for cookie cache could cause PHP warning
  • Fix: z-index of blocked content container too high, making it float over the banner

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