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Both our Free and Premium Privacy Suite have a built-in Website scan to detect cookies and scripts used on WordPress websites. While developing and improving our product a recurring issue was improving our Cookiedatabase.

Our current Cookiedatabase

Today we have a Cookiedatabase with hundreds of the most popular cookies and scripts used by WordPress websites. Since a couple of months we have added a feature for users of our plugin to report missing information in our database. We will add the following information manually when information is missing:

  • The name of the organisation which uses the cookie’s purpose e.g. “Complianz”.
  • The purpose of a single or multiple cookies
  • Retention Period. How long the cookie is stored
  • A clear description of what the cookie does
  • The exact names of the cookies e.g. “complianz_config”
  • The Privacy Statement connected to the data collected.

This information is manually added and checked by us, before being released in our next update of the Complianz Plugin. And this is what it might look like:

A new initiative: is coming soon.

Image: Reporting unknown cookies in the Complianz Wizard

After adding the feature of reporting unknown cookies we quickly realized the amount of cookies is almost endless. Besides a growing Cookiedatabase, we think the current legal obligatory descriptions and information won’t make sense to most website visitors. There’s a big gap between the GDPR and upcoming ePrivacy for website developers/marketing and website users, regarding knowledge about Digital Privacy.

We want to fill the gap with the following improvements on our Cookiedatabase:

  • Open-source database on Available for all!
  • Descriptions are for non-technical users and feature examples of usage
  • Combinations of cookies lead to a personal profile for each user.
  • Logged-in users can add, translate and suggest improvements.
  • Non-Wordpress website can use our API for an up-to-date Cookiedatabase for better communication
  • You can search for usage, cookie name, organisation, websites etc.

But foremost it should be a community effort to inform our website users of Digital Privacy.

Partnering with SIDN Fund.

We are proud to announce the partnership with  the SIDN Fund to make way for a Open-Source system to make Digital Privacy a clear and informed subject for all. SIDN Fund is an independent foundation established by SIDN, the foundation for internet domain registration in the Netherlands. Sharing expertise in Digital Privacy is a purpose of both SIDN and Complianz and we are working hard to support and inform anyone on this matter together from this moment forward.

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