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New revoke option on the cookie policies

From 4.4.2 upwards the cookie policies received a new, and improved, revoke option. Instead of showing a revoke button, which triggered the cookie notice. If the user previously consented, triggering the cookie notice would also revoke any consent made.

The new revoke option will show all possible categories to consent to, whereby the current state is the consent of the user. They can change their consent directly on the cookie policy, without triggering the banner.

The reason to switch from a revoke button to display the consent categories as a whole on the policy is quite simple; it makes the process of consent more transparent and will set-up our new update, which features new templates.

Shortcode new revoke option

This switch doesn’t mean the revoke button is not available anymore; the shortcode still works for other purposes. We added a new shortcode to switch your current revoke option if needed.

Shortcode without brackets [ ] : cmplz-manage-consent

Styling the checkboxes

Below is the class, which should be used to control most of the styling of the checkboxes. The CSS below is the default state. To control the borders and colors, use stroke, fill, and stroke-width.

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