How to implement reCaptcha and Consent for WP Forms

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There’s a simple and effective way to integrate consent for reCaptcha in WP Forms., in WP Forms itself
    1. Select the field closest to the submit button and click for more options.
    For example see below image. We will add a clickable link to make sure people accept reCaptcha cookies before sending the form.
2. Look for ‘Description’ to add the below HTML.
For example see below image. The HTML will create a link that will only be available when cookies are not yet accepted.
3. If needed, style your new consent button.

You can use below CSS classes to override your theme’s styling. You can ofcourse add more styling if so desired.

4. Result.
This based on the default styling by WPForms. You can change this however you like.
No Consent. The Submit button is not shown, but replaced.
Consent has been registered and the Submit button is available and reCaptcha loaded.

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