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So it’s commonly known that Facebook uses a lot of cookies. On their own website, but most probably on your website, too. One question we have been receiving a lot to date is regarding iFrames. Do Facebook iFrames place cookies? Read this article to find out.

What is an iFrame?

An iFrame is a piece of code in which you can place an element from another site. For example, when you have got a YouTube video, you might embed this video on your website. This is called an iFrame.

The Facebook iFrame

Facebook provides you with a lot of methods of implementing pages, friends, activities etc., into your website. The possibilities are endless. This also comes with a risk, because implementing these iFrames into your website will place or acces Facebook’s cookies. Many people forget to implement this cookie into their cookie policy or into their cookie consent banner information. In these cases, the cookie even is placed without consent. Therefore, we warn people when using iFrames, or at least make these iFrames only function after accepting all cookies.

Our solution

Complianz GDPR blocks all known third party cookies automatically, by disabling the scripts. Accepting the cookie warning fires a small piece of javascript code which enables the script again.

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