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1 vote

Add custom Information Commissioner's Office

I just noticed that for the UK's privacy notice, it is not possible to change the ICO address to Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. It would be great if it would be possible to add a custom address for the ICO in the setup wizard! Just had a client request to change that and I […]

Planned Category: Legal
1 vote

Vimeo-Video is no longer displayed

When I activate the PlugIn on the page https://steffen-liebhold-rinderarbeit.com/ the video on the home page is no longer displayed. The video is embedded via the PlugIn WPBakery Page Builder (Version 6.13.0).

Not Applicable Category: Integrations
1 vote

Translation intergration with WP Globus

Hi there, Would it be possible to add WP Globus translation support to the Complianz cookie tool? For the translations in general could the cookie page be generated in the languages on the site, so English and in the short code select Dutch because WordPress and the plugin can already generate it?

Not Applicable Category: Translations
1 vote

Exclude sites

Based on GPDR regulations the sites about us (Impressum), privacy policy (Datenschutzerklärung) and cookie information (Cookie-Information) must be available without a cookie-banner. Feature-request: Possiblity to add list of sites where cookie-Banner is not shown and no trackers are loaded.

Released Category: Usability
1 vote

Easy Updates Manager recognition

Hi, I use Easy Updates Manager for updating WP plugins, themes etc., this plugin replaces the default auto-update function with its own. So it would be nice if Complianz would recognise the installation of Easy Updates Manager to get rid of the urgent "Please enable auto-updates" message and the mark next to Complianz in the […]

Not Applicable Category: Usability
1 vote

Reject of Cookies under Firefox leaves Google Maps Cookier active

Hi Guys, Firefox, if you accept Cookies Google Maps activates perfect, but if you reject Cookies afterwards again Goggle Maps stays still active as the refesh of page seems not to work properly. Please Check under https://weinclub21.at/ueber-uns/. or under https://hans-haider.at/Weingut/impressum-2/ This is not DSGVO conform and works properly under Chrome and Edge. I assume it […]

Released Category: Legal
1 vote

Force reload skipping Service Worker in JavaScript

Based on this forum question; https://wordpress.org/support/topic/issue-with-comments-wpdiscuz/page/2/ Serviceworkers can be (unknowingly) registered by developers of plugins. These are not always ‘self-destructive’ meaning a location.reload will not remove the serviceWorker, downloaded by the browser but stay registered and loaded on the specific page. This means a revoke on a service that needs consent, but loaded a serviceWorker […]

Released Category: Integrations, Legal