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3 votes

Headless WordPress Look at how to leverage REST-API to use Complianz on decoupled front-end.

In development Category: Usability
3 votes

Add an affiliate disclosure for each page

FTC states that a blogger or anyone that has affiliate links on their site must disclose/upfront about any of their actions that could influence a consumer’s decision-making process. It would be nice if your program included this legal requirement as well that has to be posted on each page.

Released Category: Legal
3 votes

Support wp-rocket iframe lazy loading

Hi, I want propose to support wp-rocket iframe lazy loading. I have read the rationale behind the decision to disable it here: But the iframes are not lazyloaded for users not needing the banner. Also in the forum answer, it’s said that “If an iframe is blocked by Complianz, it is effectively lazy loaded” […]

Released Category: Integrations
3 votes

5.3 Meks Easy Maps integration

Complianz is now integrated with the Meks Easy Maps plugin. Maps will be blocked before marketing consent and a placeholder is added.

Released Category: Integrations
2 votes

Support custom attributes on inline script tags

The current implementation doesn’t play nice with a heavily cached/optimised site using Litespeed. If minification and delayed loading of Javascript is activated, the consent state is not updated when the user navigates through the site. Adding data-no-optimize=”1″ data-no-defer=”1″ to the inline scripts that are added in the “inline_cookie_script” function excludes these from minification and delaying […]

Planned Category: Integrations