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Feature request

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2 votes

Support custom attributes on inline script tags

The current implementation doesn’t play nice with a heavily cached/optimised site using Litespeed. If minification and delayed loading of Javascript is activated, the consent state is not updated when the user navigates through the site. Adding data-no-optimize=”1″ data-no-defer=”1″ to the inline scripts that are added in the “inline_cookie_script” function excludes these from minification and delaying […]

Planned Category: Integrations
4 votes

Block videos embedded with the Greenshift plugin

YT video's embedded with the Greenshift plugin ( are blocked, but don't load correctly after consent when using the default YouTube integration. (Details:

Planned Category: Integrations
8 votes

Vimeo-Video is no longer displayed

When I activate the PlugIn on the page the video on the home page is no longer displayed. The video is embedded via the PlugIn WPBakery Page Builder (Version 6.13.0).

Not Applicable Category: Integrations
6 votes

Consent Section for Elementor

It would be very practical to have a field in the advanced tab of each section or content element of Elementor to assign content elements to a consent category. No consent, marketing, statistics. A second field in which an image can be inserted as a placeholder if consent has not yet been given.

Not Applicable Category: Integrations
5 votes

Missing integration for FriendlyCaptcha

Complianz is missing a plugin integration for Friendly Captcha as this plugin needs to be mentioned in the data privacy document. It should detect the presence of the official “Friendly Captcha” plugin and/or should be listed in the wizard. Friendly Captcha, a privacy-friendly option for reCaptcha

Planned Category: Integrations
5 votes

Force reload skipping Service Worker in JavaScript

Based on this forum question; Serviceworkers can be (unknowingly) registered by developers of plugins. These are not always ‘self-destructive’ meaning a location.reload will not remove the serviceWorker, downloaded by the browser but stay registered and loaded on the specific page. This means a revoke on a service that needs consent, but loaded a serviceWorker […]

Released Category: Integrations, Legal
10 votes


use hcaptcha with official plugin “hCaptcha for WordPress” Implementing and Blocking hCaptcha – Example for WP Forms

Planned Category: Integrations