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It’s always fun when we come across websites which have reviewed our plugin. To those in doubt, or just those who are curious, we have decided to put the review from in the spotlights. Because we think it’s an honest and good review.

The review states “The Complianz GDPR Privacy Suite plugin really is an all-in-one privacy suite for GDPR compliance. With its slick design, which is much improved from V1, this plugin allows you to fully comply with some of the more obscure rules surrounding GDPR as well as the obvious.

The plugin allows you to do everything its nearest competitor – CookieBot does but at a fraction of the price.

A great compliment. And this has always been our goal as well. To create a smooth and easy-to-use plugin, allowing you to easily deal with the difficulties of applying legislations to your websites.

They ended their review as follows:

Probably the best!

This plugin not only helps you comply with GDPR but also had a wizard that shows your the cookies and tracking your site is collecting and even writes a cookie policy based on this for you.

You can read the whole review here.

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