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Our newest release 2.1.4

Aert Hulsebos

Aert Hulsebos


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We have just released Complianz Privacy Suite 2.1.4 (Premium). The Free has been out since last week.

Besides the Changelog below – we are working hard on a better Support System, including more depth in our documentation for Free and Premium users. We appreciate any feedback coming our way, from small bugfixes, compatibility issues with themes or plugins and any configuration question you might have.

Our goal is simple

Creating the best Privacy Suite for WordPress for GDPR, ePrivacy, CCPA, COPPA, DSVGO and so forth. For requests concerning Privacy Laws or supported languages, please contact us through

For feedback, questions and requests, please use our support form. If you want to stay updated, use the sign-in form on this page.

Thanks again!

Our Changelog for 2.1.4

Tweak: option to save A/B testing reports
Tweak: Purpose description for EU not needed in all situations
Tweak: Split US and EU cookie banner text, to be configured separately
Tweak: created a setting to configure blocked content text
Tweak: Changed check on WP_DEBUG to SCRIPT_DEBUG for scripts
Tweak: added placeholder to blocked iframes to prevent reloading to homepage
Tweak: added upgrade links
Tweak: close button on modal help windows
Tweak: accept button not fitting in banner when using a very long decline text

Fix: for paragraphs with both a field condition and a callback condition, the code did not enforce both conditions
Fix: clang redirect to en locale not adjusted for Gutenberg block recognition
Fix: if region is not selected, cookiebanner won’t show for that region anymore
Fix: empty localstorage and cookie array causing an warning
Fix: In US cookie policy, “we ask consent for statistics” is removed
Fix: In EU cookie policy, “we ask consent for statistics” is shown conditionally, based on anonymization settings of the statistics tool
Fix: when choosing to configure your statistics yourself instead of matomo/analytics/tagmanager, a warning kept showing in the dashboard.

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