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Support wp-rocket iframe lazy loading

I want propose to support wp-rocket iframe lazy loading.
I have read the rationale behind the decision to disable it here: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/wp-rocket-integration/#post-13241154. But the iframes are not lazyloaded for users not needing the banner. Also in the forum answer, it’s said that “If an iframe is blocked by Complianz, it is effectively lazy loaded” but , if the iframes is outside the viewport, this is not true, as Complianz will load it anyway.
Not lazy loading the iframes(YT in this case) , make webVitals go down.
Moreover the native iframe lazy loading is not available on Firefox and Safari https://caniuse.com/loading-lazy-attr, and the wp-rocket lazy loading has a different threshold https://docs.wp-rocket.me/article/1292-chrome-native-lazyload

To support it, you could the same you are doing for native one, i.e. rename the element’s attribute if has to blocked, and use it when unblocked


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