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Not store placeholders and use standard

Add the possibility to no store a placeholders for video (all service: YouTube, Vimeo, ecc) and use just the standard image.

Add the possibility to have a settings that allow to disable placeholders storage, delete all stored placeholders and use the standard one instead.

Currently for have this results I need remove all content inside wordpressmainfolder/wp-content/uploads/complianz/placeholders/ than remove all write permission to the folder placeholders.

If I don't do this, placeholders are still saved and still exist on my hosting.
Also the guide wordpressmainfolder/wp-content/uploads/complianz/placeholders/ was not working for me.

For more details see this topic: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/avoid-to-store-placeholders-youtube-ecc-on-my-hosting/

Under Review Category: Legal ocis shared this idea

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