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DB queries optimization

Complianz is a rather heavy plugin. On every page request our sites have more than 150 queries with “select * from wp_cmplz_cookies where ID = ‘XX'”.

A little load optimization would be great.

Released Category: Usability David Lillo shared this idea

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One Response

  1. Hi David,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    On the front-end, there are two ways this query may run:

    – For the cookie policy. I will add the wp_cache_set and wp_cache_get functionality there, which should resolve the duplicate queries for this page. But please note that this occurs only on the cookie policy, not on other pages.

    – When consent per service is enabled. When this feature runs, the cookies are requested on each pageload, but this list is stored in a transient to ensure these queries only run once. If you have these duplicate queries on each pageload, your site may be clearing transients continuously.

    While the improved database queries will also help for the consent per service configuration, allowing the transients to function will help even more.

    Please contact me directly at rogier(at)really-simple-plugins.com if you have any questions or remarks about the above.


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