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Difference between targeted regions in Free and Premium

Get compliant today in the European Union, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia & South Africa with the only Privacy Suite for WordPress that offers a fully-featured plugin for Worldwide Compliance.

This article is not up to date anymore: we now support 4 regions and several subregions.

Regions targeted

The current regions are EEA (European Economic Area), or the European Union with GDPR and ePrivacy as their main privacy laws. And the United States of America, with COPPA and CCPA (California) as their main privacy laws. Canada’s PIPEDA is set to be the next region.

In the free version, Complianz | GDPR Cookie Consent, you can choose between either the EU or USA. For the premium version, you can choose either or both (with GEO IP enabled).

The differences between the 2 regions (in a nutshell)

Opt-in or Opt-out

EU – Consent or Opt-in is required before non-functional are set. This can either be done with categories or a simple allow/dismiss. 3rd Party cookies are blocked before any user input is given.

USA – Notice is needed for the set cookies. Opt-in is not necessary at first, but through the DNSMPI the cookies should be able to be revoked.

Cookie Consent Banner

EU – The Cookie Consent Banner should clearly explain the usage of cookies and refer to the with all cookies explained in a non-technical manner. The user should be able to change their consent. Either with a revoke button on the cookie policy or floating on every page. A link in the footer is also possible.

USA – The Cookie Notice should state the usage of cookies and refer to the and DNSMPI. Revoking the set cookies is possible in the DNSMPI.

Legal Documents

EU – The Cookie Policy and Privacy Statement are needed to comply to the GDPR and ePrivacy. Where the cookie policy states the usage, purpose, retention, service and description of cookies. The privacy statement states the processing of the acquired data by the owner and their processors. And at the same time the individual rights of the website visitor are acknowledged.

USA – The Privacy Statement, and (when applicable) + the DNSMPI or Do Not Sell My Personal Information page are necessary to comply to US Privacy Laws.

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