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A cookie banner with categories, default checked

Since the 1.2 release, it is possible to enable a cookie banner where you have two or more categories of cookies, to which the user can opt in. On the internet there are a lot of websites which show these categories enabled by default. The user who does not want these categories has to disable them one by one.

Several users have asked if it is possible to have this feature in Complianz GDPR as well. The short answer is: no.

The long answer: the GDPR privacy law requires an explicit opt in from users. The consequence is that it is not allowed to enable categories by default: that is not an opt-in, but an opt-out.

We’re also working at a US dedicated functionality in this plugin. For US / CCPA the cookie banner only needs to be informational, so does not need to have any categories at all.

Conclusion: for visitors from the EU, you need an opt in, categories (except functional) disabled by default. For the US, only an informational banner is needed, so categories do not apply.

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