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Aert Hulsebos

Aert Hulsebos


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Since the start of Complianz GDPR, our plugin helped close to 1.000 website owners (at time of writing) to comply to GDPR privacy law, and our userbase is growing on a daily basis.

We get a lot of positive feedback on our plugin. Being the unique collaboration between specialists in IT, privacy law and marketing, we provide the best product which meets our own requirements:

– Offering the best technical and user-friendly functionality
– Helping you gather consent and website statistics from a marketer’s perspective
– Only offering and guiding you towards GDPR compliant configurations

We are now proud to announce update 1.2.0, which takes both our Free and Premium plugins to an even higher level. In our latest update we offer:

Unlimited configurations

With Complianz we offer you the most effective, beautiful and user-friendly cookie warnings. The new update not only gives you more presets, like the ‘Minimal’ template and centered position, but also gives you the possibility to enhance with custom CSS.

For more inspiration on the endless possibilities, check our article here.

Categories or accept all

Since the release of Complianz GDPR, we received a lot of questions about the absence of cookie categories. Since categories are not mandatory within the boundaries of GDPR and E-privacy, as marketers we feel that websites should only offer two options; accept all or functional only.

While our opinion certainly isn’t anyone’s, with 1.2.0 we implemented categories. But we didn’t stop there, because we now also offer the possibility to configure categories with Google Tag Manager, so you can categorize cookies to your demand

For more information about implementing Google Tag Manager, read this article.

Extended Marketing tools

As Complianz is co-founded by two marketing agencies, we tend to look to GDPR and E-privacy from a marketer’s perspective. We know that losing the possibility to place tracking cookies is a great loss for on-page optimization and retargeting.

With 1.2.0 we bring you A/B testing as a Premium feature. We believe that A/B testing cookie warnings, combined with GEO IP let you serve the best ‘converting’ cookie warning possible, or no warning at all when not required.

As Complianz we will also continue measuring and optimizing the preset templates and share our findings in future blogs.

Fast editing

To end with, we want Complianz to minimize the inconvenience privacy law can bring you. That is why we added the Script Center, which allows you to quickly add scripts which should be blocked before consent.

We feel 1.2.0 is our best update since the release of Complianz GDPR. We appreciate all feedback, both positive and critical. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to open a support ticket or leave us a rating!

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