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Ads based on consent with Ad Inserter Pro

Aert Hulsebos

Aert Hulsebos


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Upgrade to Google Analytics 4

If you want to upgrade to Google Analytics 4 you will need to upgrade your tracking code. If you have implemented Analytics with Complianz, please

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TCF for WordPress

The Transparency Consent Framework (TCF) is an initiative by IAB Europe and IAB Tech Lab to provide a platform for vendors, publishers, and consent management

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TCF V2.0 release (Update)

Update: Released on October 5th 2020 Since August 15th the Transparency and Consent Framework V2.0 from IAB Europe or TCF V2 has been adapted by

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Update: October 10th 2020. This article is replaced with instructions to integrate Complianz with Ad Inserter, and TCF. Integrating with Ad Inserter and Adsense.

Normally, when you configure the plugin as described above, the ads will be loaded with the next page load after the consent is given. However, with Ad Inserter Pro it is possible to immediately display the ads as Ad Inserter Pro supports manual loading. Manual loading means that the code block (ad) is not loaded (inserted) until you call a Javascript function for loading…

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