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Adding scripts via the scriptcenter

Aert Hulsebos

Aert Hulsebos


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NB. From 3.2 onward the script center is embedded in “Integrations”. In this article we will go more in depth on how to add scripts to the script center.

If you’re using Tag Manager, add your scripts in Tag Manager. For iFrames or Source domains, please use our script center.

Adding scripts in your Complianz Scriptcenter

If you’re not using Tag Manager, you will likely need to add javascript or any other script to your website, to enable services like Hotjar, Facebook etc.

Scripts like Hotjar (statistiscs) or Facebook (Social Media) should be blocked before user consent is registered. Your Complianz Scriptcenter will add these scripts to your website, and block these when needed. This is how it works:

1. Go to Complianz > Scriptcenter. It will look like this:

The scriptcenter is located in the left sidebar menu, after selecting Complianz.


2. Do not add the wrapped script tags with <>.

Please make sure to delete the script tags in the beginning and end of your script. Our codeblock will tell you if anything is wrong with your script, before saving.

3. You’re Done!

Save and you’re done! If you need any help? Please let us know!

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